Monday, August 15, 2011

Commend Card

Comment cards are probably the most common tool for soliciting customer feedback.  People think they are a good way to measure customer satisfaction.

The problem is it would be like saying a hammer is a good way to drive in a screw.

Comment cards give businesses the illusion that they know what their customers think and feel!

This week I'll share a few of the reasons why when it comes to customer satisfaction comment cards are a waste of time, energy and money!

Today I'm focusing on the bell curve or the "normal curve".  Some of you may remember this from school when you hoped they would grade on the curve.  The reality is when it comes to comment cards they fall just like this curve!

You see the little blue area on each end... those are the people that fill out comment cards.  Research shows that an estimated 70% of people never fill out a comment card.  The people that do fill them out are your lovers or haters!  I would not want to run my business getting direction from only those two groups.

I talked to a restaurant manager the other day and he said that they will be 1000 people and get 4 comment cards.  This is tragic!

They think they are measuring customer satisfaction but what they are measuring is the views of a few people on each end.

The average customer is never telling you what they think or feel!  But they are telling their family and friends!

Think about it.

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